Different Holiday Lighting Designs

There are several ways you can light up your home during the holiday season. Below are a few outlined designs that will best reflect you and your family's personality.

  1. Colorful: If you're looking for an easy way to light up your home in a fun and festive way just add a bit of color! Whether you are adding one color every year, or using every color we can offer, colored lights are a great way to show your neighbors your personality.
  2. Shining Star: Not every homeowner wants to have their home decorated with lights. If you are the kind of homeowner that is looking for a simple yet dramatic option, try wrapping lights around one large tree to create a large and beautiful display.
  3. Unique: If you are the kind of homeowner that wants your holiday display to stand out you may want to try some beautifully lit holiday decorations to put on the exterior of your home. This creates a unique display that will no doubt stand out to your neighbors.
  4. Traditional: Looking to keep it traditional? This is a classic design choice many of our customers choose and it entails a nice and inviting warm white light along the roofline. Keep your home lit in a conservative and clean fashion.
  5. Traditional Twist: A traditional roofline can become a little boring to some year after year. Switch up your roofline design by choosing icicle lights instead to create a unique and beautiful look. Create your own winter wonderland oasis by covering your entire home in them.
  6. Add Greenery: The combination of greenery and lights will create a picture-perfect home for the holidays. Adding garland and wreaths can put the final touches on your home.

Are You Ready to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays?

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