• Holiday Decorating


    Make your Christmas spirit the envy of your neighbors!

  • Sit back and let Everything Outdoors Holiday Decorating division make your property magical!

    Here are a few of the things we specialize in!

    Oak Trees

    Installation of lights on oaks up to 35ft!.


    Outlining your home gives a great effect to any lighting project!

    And Much More

    We also specialize in gates, wreaths, palms, and more!

  • Are you ready for the Holidays?

    Kick-off the holiday season with holiday lighting! Trust in EO's Holiday Decorating Divisions many years of experience. You’ll also work with a dedicated project manager and see custom renderings of what your space will look like.
    Request a quote today!

  • Holiday Lighting

    We deliver the WOW factor!

    Everything Outdoors has been providing exceptional custom lighting displays for many years. Our work can be seen in your neighborhood, at your local mall, or your favorite restaurant. Our specialty is customer experience and holiday lighting. Work with our team of professional designers and installers to create your premier holiday experience. Between our commitment to complete customer satisfaction and our obsession to create stunning lighting designs, we’ll leave you saying, “Wow!”

  • How It Works

    The holiday season is full of joy, but it can also be very stressful. That’s why we take care of your holiday lighting project from start to finish so you can enjoy your holidays the right way: worry free. From the design and installation, to taking down your lights at the end of the season, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. We take pride in offering high quality holiday lighting and creating a stress free holiday experience for you this season and every season after.






  • 2020 Holiday Booklet

    Make your christmas spirit the envy of your neighbors

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